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BWB trades links with a large number of web sites. Some of those in the column below send the most hits to www.hamr.com; this implies that they are busy. Perhaps they are interesting or valuable. You decide.

Crystal's Web Resource & Info Guide
a comprehensive resource and information guide to self-esteem, self-confidence, self-improvement and self-help issues.
Art produced by the patients at Pinelodge
Pinelodge is a private psychiatric hospital in Australia (home of the great white shark). The pictures on this page are haunting in a way that reaches into your soul.
Dr. Mojo
World Famous Hypnotist Reveals Amazing Hypnosis Secrets.
Your home for quotes on the web. You'll find inspirational quotations, prayers, and positive affirmations to promote positive thinking, personal growth, success, and achievement in your career, relationships, and life.
The Flirting Academy and Flirt Coach
Regularly featured on national TV, radio and in the press: Learn to flirt: flirting courses, flirting tips, articles, links etc. Very popular, evidently.
World Wide Online Meditation Center
A colorful, user-friendly site, offering clear, concise meditation instruction on a variety of meditation methods from various spiritual teachings, plus tranquil meditation tapes, guided and instrumental.
Self confidence, low self esteem course in your email.
Free self confidence and low self esteem course. 6 weekly tutorials for developing self confidence and building low self esteem.
CYBERBOOK: An Integral Epistemology for Enlightenment
Iintroducing Guhen Kitaoka's integral epistemology (science of how we know what we know) for spiritual enlightenment. It is a unique attempt for an authentic synthesis of the newest in the West (NLP) and the oldest in the East (Vedanta).
A Best selling Hypnosis Cassette & CD Series from Diviniti Publishing Ltd UK
One of the UK's a best selling high quality hypnosis cassette and CD series including: Deep Sleep, Complete Relaxation, Develop Self Confidence, Positive Thinking, Stop Smoking Forever, Weight Control, Build Self Esteem, Financial Abundance, Successful Relationships, Heal Your Body, A Guided Meditation, A Powerful Memory. Details of self improvement books.
Afterhours Inspirational Stories
Collection of inspirational and motivational stories, poems, parables, and jokes
Love Thyself - Resources for Improving Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self-Acceptance
Fear, anxiety, self-doubts, and insecurity in relationships haunt those crippled by low self-esteem. This comprehensive resource website directs visitors to books, on-line articles, and programs to enhance the self-worth of adults and children. All resources are fully described.
Spiritual Links that focus on spirituality, personal growth, spiritual growth, spiritual inspiration, self improvement, metaphysics, mysticism, meditation, spiritual healing, psychic readings, divine guidance, ACIM, A Course in Miracles, Self Improvement, Self Esteem, Self Realization, Inner Peace, Alternative Healing, Meditation.
Successful Schizophrenia
Psychiatry Deconstruction Zone! Paradigm Shift Ahead! Proceed at Your Own Risk!
Nationwide Radio: Jeff Rense's Sightings Program!
World's biggest guests on a plethora of subjects; also, the hugest news page around around with tons of bizarre yet current subjects. Prepare to become addicted!
Award Winning Talk Radio Show: The Next Dimension
Out of this world radio show with hostess Patte Purcell, broadcast live on Talk America Radio Network and live on the internet. Archived shows, Free Personalized Astrological Profile for lisners....
Leading Edge Newspaper. An Alternative Newspaper Offering New Global Perspective and Paradigms in Spirituality, Healing and Creativity...
Hierarchical Adaptive Mesh Refinement
For serious science buffs and nature lovers only: Henry Neeman's HAMR page and Echidna page.


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