H.A.M.R.: Hand Actuated Mental Reconditioning
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Advanced Tactical Hammering
The Hammer can snuff out anger like a candle, but you have to do something courageous: you have to consider the thought that you are the same as the person who causes you the anger.
Why is it such a scary job? Because we have to face the very thoughts we instinctively want to avoid. We have to swim against our own inner tide. It is a difficult thing; it requires a brief moment of grit. However, the reward for this act of bravery is a stunning increase in mental power. It produces an altogether new type of calmness; one that allows rational thinking to take the place of emotional upheaval. And at the core of this miracle is the simple concept of sameness.
Gene gets mad at people who make lots of money, then realizes that he plays the lotto for exactly the same reason. He has the same urge, and he has to admit and realize that, in that respect, he is the same as the person that causes him to feel anger.
(1) Reinforce a Sensation of Sameness
Think about someone who does something that makes you angry. Next think of a time when you did the same thing this person does; the very thing that makes you mad. Realize that this makes you exactly the same as the person who is making you mad.
In the CASE hand think of the person in the middle of doing something that makes you mad.
In the VIEW hand realize that, since you have done the same thing yourself, you are exactly the same.
*Note: Doing this Hammer will not cause you to have the bad characteristic. When the exercise is performed correctly you reinforce a feeling of sameness only.
CASE: Think of the person who does something that makes you mad
Realize that, because you have been guilty of the same offense, you are exactly the same
The Hammer
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