Hand Actuated Mental Reconditioning
H.A.M.R.: Hand Actuated Mental Reconditioning
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HAMR Manual Softcover Edition
The HAMR Manual Softcover BookHAMR was born to the world in 1997 when The H.A.M.R. Manual was published. The book presents the theory and observations of Dave Nelms at the inception of his method. It explains the Hammer in detail and puts forth a simple strategy for realizing your potential.
Better ways to squeeze power out of the system have emerged since that time, but the basic foundation of HAMR remains the same.
Read this book and come away with a deeper appreciation for your brain and a refreshing new way to get what you want out of it.
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 The H.A.M.R. Manual
How to Rewire Your Own Brain
    David Nelms
  ISBN 0-9654169-6-8
  Pages: 128
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